Max Patch Hike

  • Max Patch Hike
    • how to get there:  leaving the house, turn right on Max Patch and keep going until you see the parking lot 12 miles from the house (about 25-30 mins drive).
    • easy hike, kid friendly
    • beautiful views
    • bonus:  you can hike part of the Appalachian trail

This hike has grown a lot in popularity recently, and the parking lot is often full and the road to the start of the hike is not an easy one think twice about bringing a sedan, there are some very rough patches in the dirt road. 

However, once you’re there it’s a nice hike but a bit muddy, bring some shoes you can get gross. 

Also you go up pretty high so bring a coat even if you aren’t cold at the bottom, at the top of the hike it can be pretty windy.