Theater Settings

Using the Logitech Harmony remote should be the easiest way to get going in the theater. I recommend ONLY using the harmony remote if possible. It’s smart enough to follow steps, but if you do something it’s not expecting like turn the projector on manually, that will break the remote function.

The remote connects to the harmony hub on top of the equipment cabinet.  This needs to be plugged in for the remote to work at all.  For the roku and the Yamaha, the remote connects through the network.  This also needs to be functional.

If you would prefer, you can download the harmony app to your phone.  The app might be smart enough to allow you to connect to the system.

If that doesn’t work, each component is still controllable using it’s own remote.

DVD Settings (Far right button on the top of the harmony remote, looks like a movie strip)
Yamaha Receiver: HDMI 1
Projector: HDMI 2

Plex Media Server (Middle button on the top of the harmony remote – looks like a plain square)
The Server needs to be on for this, check with Michael
Yamaha Reciever: HDMI 2
Projector: HDMI 2

The Yamaha receiver can play from your phone connected to Civilization Guests.